5 Ways To Make Your 1st Birthday Party Theme Happen

Hollywood movies and television glamorize the 1st birthday party theme with ponies, over the top backdrops, guest dressing in costumes to support the theme, and outlandish cakes. All of this is achievable with a bag full of 100 dollar bills, which very few people have.  The question is, how do you make a 1st birthday party theme successful.

5 Ways to Make a 1st Birthday Party Theme Idea Come True

    1. Budget – Define how much you are willing to spend.  Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s spent $200,000 on Jungle Island Party. The two megastars rented a wildlife park/botanical garden called Jungle Island in Miami, Fla. Anything is possible when you have the cash. Creating a realistic budget will control expectations on all levels and keep things real, unlike a Hollywood movie (and even Hollywood has a budget for a film).
    2. Expand the Theme – If your child has a favorite program/movie, don’t be surprised if there are few options for decorations.  Every year my son requests a Halloween costume that sounds reasonable; after all, it was popular two years ago, but nobody locally or on the internet is selling the costume.  Party stores and supplies only license current or famous characters.  If the movie or TV show is old, the odds of finding decorations to match become an exploration of unknown merchant outlets on eBay, don’t go down this rabbit hole. The trick is to expand the theme idea allowing you creative leeway to develop a plan without forgoing the overall party theme.
    3. Advance Planning – Like Hollywood, you are going to have to design, build, or craft these DYI 1st birthday party theme ideas.  Look at Pinterest, and you will see many excellent party theme ideas.  Problems are many of these ideas are hand-made and require time to make.  Advance planning allows you to purchase all the supplies you will need to make those 1st birthday party decorations.
    4. Envolve Your Guest – If you want your guest to participate, have them put some skin into the game and build one of Pinterest’s 1st birthday party theme ideas.  Having a team working together can tackle more complex problems than individuals and thus have the potential to gain more expertise and become more engaged.  Have family or friends that are good at building, sewing, cooking, drawing, or researching ideas assist in planning the 1st birthday party?  These are the people who you need to get involved with, thus making it a family experience, and after all, a 1st birthday party is all about family, friends, and the support of raising a good child.
    5. Invite Fun People – Not everyone likes a theme party, and some people are just stubborn and will not participate. Kids, teenagers, and some adults won’t play along as they are just too sophisticated for this “themed” party stuff.  My advice, narrow down the guest list to only people who will play along with the theme.  Nothing like having Uncle Bob in a black AC/DC tee shirt holding a beer and everyone else participating and wearing fairy wings drinking fairy juice at the party.  If you want to make your 1st birthday party theme work, invite-only fun people, leave the stick on the muds at home, where they belong.
5 Ways To Make Your 1st Birthday Party Theme Happen
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5 Ways To Make Your 1st Birthday Party Theme Happen
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