Do It Now, Before Your Baby Turns 1

Parenting – Your lives have changed. As a parent raising two boys, my wife and I believe it is our responsibility to raise good people, and we love our boys unconditionally, but as they grow, we must grow with them, as parents and as adults. That’s why I wrote this blog post to pass on … Read more

How to Hire An Entertainer For A December Birthday

In December, the procrastinating mom starts the quest to hire a kids entertainer for her child’s birthday party. She spends hours researching and contacting entertainers to learn that no one is available in December. This article will ease your frustrations and show how to overcome the December booking issues and acquire reasonably priced entertainment. Planning … Read more

5 Ways To Make Your 1st Birthday Party Theme Happen

This article talks about how to make a 1st birthday party theme successful and list five ways to make a 1st birthday party theme idea come true. Hollywood movies and television glamorize the birthday celebration with poneys, over the top backdrops, guest dressing in costumes to support the theme, and outlandish cakes. Let’s talk about five things you can do to make sure your theme party is successful for your child’s special day.

Birthday Party Cakes from Tinley Park Bakeries

“Where did you get the birthday cake?”, asks a mom to the birthday child’s mom. This frequently asked question is repeated several times throughout the birthday party. Something I observed over my decades of entertaining at 1st birthday parties.

Things I’ve learned about birthday cakes–an audience perspective.

  1. The fancier the decoration on the birthday cake the more people talk about the birthday cake.
  2. Chocolate is the favorite flavor among the guest.
  3. Doesn’t matter how pretty the decoration on the cake, it must taste good.

With this in mind, I decided to turn to my local Facebook community group and ask for a recommendation on where to get a great tasting cake in Tinley Park, IL. As I expected, I received many recommendations that had nothing to do with being located in Tinley Park.

Why a Local Bakery

If you have ever planned a party, you learn that driving a 60-minutes round trip to pick up a cake is not in everyone’s schedule. I know this from first-hand experience, as I’m related to the owners of Central Continental Bakery in Mt Prospect. Central Continental Bakery has supplied cakes for my family’s events for decades, which my guest go crazy over. However, I don’t have time to drive to Mt. Prospect for a birthday cake so I must find a local alternative.

Today, I am focusing on Bakeries in Tinley Park, but if Tinley Park is not close to you, don’t worry. The information provided here will help you at your local bakery and your 1st birthday party needs.

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1st Birthday Party at the Tinley Park Park District

The Tinley Park Park District offers an excellent alternative for parents looking to have a 1st birthday party other than in their house. If your home is too small for all your guests or you want to avoid hours of cleaning, I recommend the Tinley Park Park District rooms.

Tinley Park Park District Building

I’ve had the opportunity to entertain serval times at this facility, and here are some of the benefits I see.

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1st Birthday Party Venues in Tinley Park

The first question that my wife and I faced when planning our son’s 1st birthday party was, do we have it at a restaurant or home? You’re going to be asking your spouse that same question, which leads you to read this blog post.

We chose a restaurant for the 1st birthday party, and all the remaining birthdays have been at home. You might be like us and feel the first birthday party is unique. 

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