5 Ways To Make Your 1st Birthday Party Theme Happen

1st birthday party them ideas and how to make the party a success and not a failure

This article talks about how to make a 1st birthday party theme successful and list five ways to make a 1st birthday party theme idea come true. Hollywood movies and television glamorize the birthday celebration with poneys, over the top backdrops, guest dressing in costumes to support the theme, and outlandish cakes. Let’s talk about five things you can do to make sure your theme party is successful for your child’s special day.

How To Have A Happy Child on Their 1st Birthday

baby napping before their first 1st birthday party

1st birthday party child napping

Parents, do you want your child happy for the first birthday? Then you have to make sure they take their nap before the party.

I can see the look in the parent’s eyes as I walk through the door.  They are stressed, and it doesn’t take long to figure out why? The birthday child has the expression as if they sucking on sour patch kids candy.  This child is having no part of their 1st birthday party.  They are tired and need a nap.

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Easy Way To Prevent A Major Birthday Party Mistake

1st birthday party planning

Pretty is nice, but tastier is better. The first birthday party cake sits in its glory; a thing of beauty created by a Master Baker. You feel guilty cutting into those layers of colored frosting and fondant, but once you have scraped off the sugar, food coloring, and decoration, you’re left with cake. If you … Read more

What do you get a 1 year old for a present?


Here is the scenario; your cousin invites you to their child’s first birthday party.  It is going to be this weekend, and you have no idea what to get.  Well, join the club.  It is a tricky thing, a birthday present.  You never know what the parents are expecting.  Do you buy something for the … Read more

Disaster at Babies 1st Birthday Party

Birthday cake on the floor, family members show up late, and restaurant over books the room, the birthday child is extra cranky, and the parents have the flu.  First birthdays have become a stressful event for parents with many things they cannot micromanage. The pressure to plan the perfect party with all the trimmings has … Read more