1st Birthday Party at the Tinley Park Park District

Tinley Park Park District Logo Birthday Party

The Tinley Park Park District offers an excellent alternative for parents looking to have a 1st birthday party other than in their house. If your home is to small for all your guest or are looking to avoid hours of cleaning, then I would recommend the Tinley Park Park Districts rooms.

Tinley Park Park District Building


I’ve had the opportunity to entertain serval times at this facility, and here are some of the benefits I see.

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1st Birthday Party Venues in Tinley Park

Pizza Birthday Party Tinley Park

The first question that my wife and I faced when planning our sons 1st birthday party was, do we have it at a restaurant or home? You’re going to be asking your spouse that same question, which leads you to read this blog post.

We chose a restaurant for the 1st birthday party and all the remaining birthdays have been at home. You might be like us and feel the first birthday party is unique. 

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